Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Coke - By Adam Cooke

What happened to Coke with lime?
Oh we shared the best of times,
Better than Coke Zero,
'Cus that just tastes like piss.

I like my cola with a nice roast dinner.
I pour it on my roast potatoes.
Oh aren't I a sinner!
And it tasted like sugary shite.

Coke on a Monday,
Oh, what a fun day!
Not as good as a Sunday,
Or in the afternoon on a ship.

I like my Coke is Asia.
I also love Eurasia.
He rides a unicorn,
'Till the break of night.

But coke, oh coke,
As I snort you up my nose...
You were so good with lime,
You made my dick chime.

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